These are some of the beautiful brighter colored varieties of ranunculus we grow in our garden. Includes 15 of the color “violet” and 10 of “amandine pastel mix” (a mix of pink, yellow, and peach tones). Pictured are amandine mix (1), violet (2).

Your corms will be ready for pickup at Shoppe at the Avenue (2037 W Bullard #102) on Thursday, October 20 after 1:00pm. Please pick up within a week.

All sales are final.

Ranunculus corms colorful mix

  • Soak the corms in cold water for 3 hours (they will become plump and about double in size). Make sure not to leave the corms in water for more than 3 hours or they will rot after planting. Plant immediately in well-drained soil at a depth of 1 - 1.5 inches with “claws” facing down. Plant at least 9 inches apart. Keep the soil moist (but don’t overwater) until the growth appears. If planted within next few weeks, ranunculus should bloom in March.