These are some of the beautiful pastel colored varieties of ranunculus we grow in our garden. Includes 12 of the color “chamellow”, 7 “pastel pink” and 6 “pastel lemon”. Pictured are the mix of chamellow and pastel pink (1), chamellow (2), pastel pink (3). Pastel lemon color is new to us this year, and I don’t have a picture, but it should be a lovely mix of yellow and peach tones.

Your corms will be ready for pickup at Shoppe at the Avenue (2037 W Bullard #102) on Thursday, October 20 after 1:00pm. Please pick up within a week.

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Ranunculus corms pastel mix

  • Soak the corms in cold water for 3 hours (they will become plump and about double in size). Make sure not to leave the corms in water for more than 3 hours or they will rot after planting. Plant immediately in well-drained soil at a depth of 1 - 1.5 inches with “claws” facing down. Plant at least 9 inches apart. Keep the soil moist (but don’t overwater) until the growth appears. If planted within next few weeks, ranunculus should bloom in March.